​Fireball and football, that's what Pullman, Wash. does. Well, let's not forget about having fans streak during a shutout win over San Jose State either. Thus far this season, Mike Leach and his Washington State Cougars are a perfect 2-0 on the young campaign. For this fan, though, he's ​perhaps a bit more excited than "The Pirate" Leach would have hoped for. 

The hero we didn't know we deserved? 

Right in the middle of WSU's 31-0 victory on Saturday night, this fan cruised down the stands, jumped on the field, ripped his shirt off and went full sprint mode ​toward the WSU sideline. He then showcased 4.4 40-yard dash speed as he tried to get away from security. 

Unfortunately, one of the guards on hand appears to have been a former Pac-12 linebacker, as he leveled the streaker. 

Never change, Pullman.