​It's Hurricane season and this year is going to be a doozie. ​Hurricane Florence has upgraded to a category four hurricane that's expected to hit the southeast this week. And it's going to take down college football along the way.  

The storm's projected trajectory has put college football programs on high alert to make plans to adjust their game schedule, or worse, cancel their Saturday kickoff. 

Spanning from North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, a total of 22 college football games are in the path of the hurricane. ​​All three states have declared a state of emergency in anticipation of the storm's impact. 

As of this writing, only Campbell vs. Coastal Carolina has made a decision to change their game time from 7 p.m. ET Saturday to 2 p.m. ET Wednesday at Campbell.

​​​​After the thousand-year flood that hit Columbia, South Carolina, in 2015, the surrounding states have been extra cautious about cancelling games. ​The Gamecocks were to face the LSU Tigers at home but had to move the game to Baton Rogue after suffering substantial damage. The school would lose $1.2 million because of relocating the game. 

For the 22 games in the storm's path, postponing the game would be a safer bet than cancelling. Hurricane Irma would impact team's chances of making the postseason, so hopefully, Hurricane Florence doesn't have the same disastrous impact.