​The fact that he was even able to return ​last night was a miracle. 

Now, even though Aaron Rodgers said he's planning on playing Week 2 against the Vikings, head coach Mike McCarthy has made it clear nothing is set in stone right now. 

During his press conference with the media on Monday, the veteran head coach said things are still being ​figured out for No. 12 and whether or not he'll be able to suit up. 

​​In his first new update on Rodgers and his knee, McCarthy added even more confusion to the the injury report. 

Basically, he's saying he's not sure what will end up happening come Sunday. What we do know, though, is the Packers are a completely different team when AR12 isn't on the field. Deshone Kizer looked awful in the first half when he was on in relief of Rodgers. 

When he returned in the second half, though, Rodgers was simply brilliant.

Clutch indeed. 

Rodgers made it clear after the thrilling comeback win last night he's planning on playing against the Vikes, the same team that ended his campaign last season. 

If you ask McCarthy, though, a decision is yet to be made. It'd be best for the Packers to be extremely careful with their superstar right now, but if he's good to go, there's no one better behind center.