​In case you needed evidence that ​Aaron Rodgers was shot up with a highly potent painkiller during Sunday's miracle ​one-legged comeback, allow us to present to you this clear evidence. Here's Aaron in the postgame with Michele Tafoya, speaking in a Southern accent we've never heard before.

​​Absolutely riveting.

​What came over Aaron here, other than toradol? The gunslinger, of course, is famously from California, though he sounds a lot more like a Favre clone in this clip. He's showing off pure Danica Patrick vibes in this two-minute trip through an alternate universe.

​​I guess when your collarbone snaps off and your knee gets tweaked, that's enough pain to throw off your entire equilibrium? Can't wait to see what kind of character work he comes up with next. This is pure gold and sort of chameleon-like.