​Somehow, he had to one-up himself.

​If you're the world's greatest quarterback, that's really the only guy you can hope to top. And on a Sunday night full of superlatives -- can we still remember to gush about Khalil Mack, please? -- No. 12 ​emerged from the flames in Green Bay as every bit of the Prince Who Was Promised.

​Sorry, Bears, but you were victimized by the very best comeback ever engineered by the man already utterly famous for them.

​​You thought the Hail Mary against the Lions couldn't be beat? Surely the incredible connection with Jared Cook on the far sideline was as good as it got. Oh, and he also won Super Bowl MVP. That was pretty good.

​But, there was something about doing it against those Chicago Bears. It wasn't just the points, though a 20-0 deficit is rather outrageous to fight back from. But, the man did it on one leg.

​He was supposed to be done. That's what Packer Nation almost unanimously feared. Little did we know he was just recharging.

​​One game into the season and the man has already smashed both personal and franchise records. Somehow, despite all the bluster and sublime theatrics, there's something strangely normal about all this coming from the NFL's highest-paid player.

That's perhaps his biggest achievement, and why Sunday night's thriller was his best ever: ​when Aaron Rodgers creates utter magic like this, we can never say that we didn't see it coming.