​Yes, perhaps you heard about this. Aaron Rodgers is a ninja-wizard and has bewitched all of our hearts in the crunchiest of crunch times once again, shocking the Chicago Bears with ​an insane fourth quarter comeback under the lights at Lambeau Field.

With the football world absolutely buzzing from the Packers' ​comeback from a 20-0 deficit, it's time to regale in the wild scenes in the best way we know how: via the best Twitter snark the internets have to offer.

​​They'll be talking about this one at the barbershop.

​​The question is whether or not Packers doctors can fabricate an Infinity Knee Brace to protect the QB's leg while he manipulates space and time.

​​Hey, Florio gonna Florio!

​​Can I use a lifeline?

Yeah, that's right, remember Khalil Mack? He was good, I think. I dunno, hard to remember.

Sounds about right. Sorry, Saquon.

​​And he didn't even have to use his AK!

​​Just call him The Truth. After all, that Bears lead was a lie.

Can anyone call Chicago and make sure they're okay?

Damn. Speaking of that Favre gentleman:

But let's not forget another QB's role in all this:


Get 'em started young.