​It wouldn't truly be football season if someone associated with another team didn't accuse one or more individuals from the New England Patriots organization of cheating in some way, shape, or form.

In this regular season, it has already started. After the Houston Texans' Week 1 loss in New England, cornerback Aaron Colvin implied that the Pats were given some favorable calls because of where the game was being played.

The play Colvin has a gripe with came near the end of the first half. Tight end ​Rob Gronkowski escaped from two defenders and made a juggling catch to give New England a gain of 28 yards. Knowing that Gronk juggled the ball on the way down, the Pats ran to the line and executed a play immediately after so the Texans didn't have time to challenge.

Gronk's catch would allow ​Tom Brady to fire a touchdown pass a few plays later that would prove to be the difference-maker in a 27-20 Patriots victory.

Of course, this is far from new territory for the Patriots. Whether it's "Deflategate," "Spygate," or "Trainergate," the boys from New England have acquired many enemies en route to being the most dominant football franchise of the century. Sunday was just more of the norm.