​Breathe, Packer fans. Just breathe. After surely fearing the worst after superstar QB Aaron Rodgers ​rode a medical cart straight to the home locker room at Lambeau Field, the worst has officially been avoided. The sturdiness of his apparently injured knee passing sufficient muster, Rodgers returned to the field for the Pack's first series of the second half.

​​The timing is fortuitous, as backup quarterback DeShone Kizer ​was victimized over and over by the Bears, who currently own a 20-0 lead. That's a long, tough climb for Green Bay, but if anyone can lead such a comeback, it's their former MVP gunslinger.

A Rodgers injury derailed the entire season for the Packers a year ago. Dodging this bullet has to feel like the greatest kind of relief here in Week 1 no matter what the scoreboard ends up looking like.