While the stars of the NFL are having themselves a day out on the gridiron, unemployed wide receiver Dez Bryant is having a day on Twitter. Still unsigned after his release from the Dallas Cowboys months ago, ​he's just been kicking back and watching games while live-tweeting his thoughts and interacting with fans.

​And one particular disclosure is sure to generate some buzz around the football world:

INTRIGUE! In so many ways, either one of these choices would be fascinating for the veteran pass-catcher.

​The Patriots are obviously hurting at wideout in light of Danny Amendola's departure and Julian Edelman's suspension. They handled the Texans today despite it all, but you can bet such a talent has got to be a tantalizing possibility for Belichick and Co.

​As for Washington, well, lining up ​against the Cowboys twice a year would be a hell of a sight to behold.

There's no way of knowing quite yet when Bryant will sit down and sign himself a deal at long last. In the meantime, he's an utterly compelling gameday follow on social media.