Dez Bryant, who was a Pro Bowler not terribly long ago, is still a free agent. But he's not letting that fact drag him down on this first ​NFL Sunday of the new season; no, he's rather enjoying himself kicking back and taking in some games. Just take a look at his Twitter timeline, which is picking up steam now that the 4:00 pm games are in gear.

He's clearly enjoying himself despite missing out on a hypothetically fat game check.

​With some good ol' live-tweeting comes inevitable fan reactions from all over the opinion spectrum. Dez knows a thing or two about dealing with this, however, and even tossed out an intriguing nugget that could portend a big decision in his very near future.

​​Hmmmmmm! Sounds like Bryant is far likelier to appear in an NFL game this season ​before Le'Veon Bell does.