​Week 2 of college football is all wrapped up, and the new projections for the College Football Playoff picks are here. 

​ESPN's panel of expert reporters have selected Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, ​Ohio State and Oklahoma as the best bets for a playoff berth, with OSU starting to edge ahead of the non-Alabama field.

​Notre Dame is no longer a top choice after the team's sluggish game against Ball State. The Fighting Irish would leave with a 24-16 win, but created more questions than answers. 

The Clemson Tigers fought off the Texas A&M Aggies to save their playoff hopes, while Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma and Ohio State continued to look like powerhouse schools. 

Alabama sits at a firm No. 1, and will remain there until they prove otherwise. Beyond them, it's anyones game, but the Buckeyes look awfully formidable.