Ever since Miami unveiled their ​turnover chain last season, college football teams across the nation have tried and failed to make their own turnover insignia. 

We've got Kennesaw State's turnover plank, Boise State's turnover throne, and now ​Florida State's...turnover backpack? We really have this?


This...this is terrible. This screenshot of the backpack with Samford leading by two is sort of an all-encompassing bummer.

First of all, for Florida State to copy their rival Miami and fail at it is a terrible look for the program. Secondly, Florida State is in no place to be bringing out the extracurriculars on the sideline, as the team has underperformed in their two games so far.

Thirdly, and probably most importantly, there is no way Florida State is going to get away with this without the internet ripping them to shreds.

This tweet is pretty straightforward:

Then there's Barstool Sports hitting FSU with the third-grade jab:

Has the turnover backpack ruined sideline props forever?

​​It's rare to see FSU getting destroyed this much both on and off the field. Doesn't feel right.