​Time to look back at the highlights of ​Martavis Bryant's Raiders career.

And, done.

Bryant, continually headed down a bad path, was released by Oakland last week as yet another suspension seemed imminent. 

Now, reports are starting to emerge that distill exactly how stupid it was to surrender a third-rounder for the troubled talent. Adam Schefter reports Bryant will ​likely miss the next season following a relapse.

​​Just awful.

Bryant really could do it all, displaying boundless mobility and talent alongside Antonio Brown. But some people are too troubled to harness their physical gifts, and no manner of coaching or coaxing will ever change that.

For better or worse, Bryant's buffoonery will always remain as a negative indicator of the early months of Jon Gruden's tenure in Oakland. Massive risk, likely-never-realized reward, and now we're all forced to wait another year to even see Bryant take the field.