Even the average fan knows that the Cleveland Browns made some huge moves this offseason en route to creating what should be a decently competitive roster in 2018. What many don't know, however, is just how different their roster is from 2017. 

And when you get down to the details, it's actually quite amazing. 

Astoundingly, the Browns have only 19 of their 53 players from last season returning to the team in 2018, excluding those who were on the IR.

Cleveland has no returning quarterbacks, one returning running back, and only two returning defensive backs. Those are three of the most important positions in football and the Browns basically have a whole new depth chart at each of them!

In what was almost a complete roster overhaul. Cleveland, for the most part, has actually improved at the positions that were depleted the most. And in pretty big fashion. At quarterback, the Browns added a first-overall pick and a borderline starter with some playoff experience in  Tyrod Taylor. At running back, they've added a proven and effective starter in Carlos Hyde and a promising prospect in Nick Chubb. Cleveland has also crafted perhaps the best wide receiver duo in the league with Jarvis Landry and Josh Gordon.

Going into a season with around 2/3 of your team being completely new can be quite risky. But in all honesty, what else do the Browns have to risk? They've won just one game in their last two seasons. Now, they have a team with a good mixture of youth and star-power, yet have no real expectations.

Cleveland has the tools to make this thing work, it's just about how they put them to use.