If you didn't know already, the  Philadelphia Eagles ran some more trickery on Thursday night. Instead of the "Philly Special" from last season's Super Bowl, however, it was "Philly Philly". Although it didn't come from the Eagles' Super Bowl playbook, it came from the  New England Patriots' playbook.

Tom Brady noticed the play on Thursday night. How could you forget? 

He dropped what was a wide-open pass by Danny Amendola. After the drop, the rest was history. Brady may be the greatest of all time, but his catching abilities are no in competition with ​Nick Foles.

It definitely must have stung for the five-time Super Bowl winning quarterback. In what was a game-altering play in the Super Bowl, Brady was unable to haul in the pass and it still seems to still haunt him. 

The only difference in the play was that the Patriots ran it with a two tight end set and the Eagles had just one tight end on the field.

Luckily for Tom Brady and the Patriots, they will not see the Philadelphia Eagles this upcoming season. They will be facing the Houston Texans this weekend in what is anticipated to be a high-scoring contest. 

Let's just hope the game doesn't rely on the catching abilities of Tom Brady.