​It sounds like Jack Brady, Tom Brady's son, doesn't quite live by the ​TB12 way.

The 11-year-old plays fantasy football and apparently wasn't too high on his father for the upcoming season. Not only that, but the kid picked a big-name QB that Brady has completely owned on multiple occasions.

Tom can't be pleased with this poor drafting strategy.

MATT RYAN?! The guy your dad stomped on in the Super Bowl after an epic and historic 28-3 comeback with just over a quarter of play to go? Also, the Falcons QB had a terribly off season last year and ​got off to a weak start in the 2018 opener against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Was your dad winning the MVP not enough, Jack?!

See what you did, Jack? You made Tommy upset!

But let's face it, people. He's a young kid. He's not like the rest of us, who have watched Brady prove everybody wrong time and time again, only to get better and better as he got older.

One day he'll know all about it.