​​Bill Belichick and the ​New England Patriots rarely let any negative news slip through the cracks and out into the open. But the ongoing saga surrounding Tom Brady's trainer, Alex Guerrero, has certainly stood out in that regard.

Going back to last year, Belichick made Guerrero public enemy No. 1 when he banned the TB12 confidante from New England's training facilities. Brady took exception to the ban, as Guerrero is not simply a trainer but also a friend to him. The feud over Guerrero made headlines all over, but nobody in the Patriots' organization was willing to disclose any legitimate internal discord.

In order to nip any future complications in the bud, Brady made it clear that any beef between Guerrero and the Patriots has been squashed.

​​Despite Brady sounding convincing in this interview, I would take his words with a grain of salt. 

Guerrero has been a sore subject for Brady this offseason, and he has even walked out of interviews when reporters have questioned him over the alleged drama in Foxborough.

This won't be the last we hear of Alex Guerrero. But for now, the team has managed to keep things even-keel.