​Matt Nagy is bringing a different vibe to the Chicago Bears this year. The new head coach is an offensively-minded fresh face, and has presided over an aggressive offseason. But in the wake of the team's ​blockbuster deal for stud defensive lineman ​Khalil Mack, we can add another adjective to Nagy's dossier: cagey.

​​When asked point-blank how much Mack would play this Sunday in Chicago's season opener against arch-rivals Green Bay, Nagy did everything he could to talk around the issue without actually dropping any knowledge.

He noted to reporters that Mack has a "good shot" at getting out on the field, but that nobody was sure how many reps that would entail.

So, if and when he's out there, will he be solely focused on ambushing Aaron Rodgers, or will their be more complicated demands placed on him?

"I don't know. Maybe," Nagy demurred.

Wow. Thanks for nothing, coach!

​​I understand and appreciate not wanting to show your whole hand to your opponent, and perhaps Nagy and the Bears ​don't yet know entirely what they have in their new superstar. But everyone knows the guy could roll out of bed and notch 2.5 sacks without having breakfast or stretching. Why so secretive?