​What in the world is the man doing out there?

The Falcons have been dominant tonight thus far in their contest against the Eagles. Yet, early on, after two drives deep into Philly territory, they're only up 3-0. 

Matt Ryan has been on fire, but the man holding ​him back is Steve Sarkisian, again. Some of his decisions have just been mind-boggling. What are you doing, dude? 

​​This is spot on. 

On the first drive, the Falcons pulled Julio Jones for both 3rd and 4th down. What? You've got one of the most lethal wide receivers in the game on your team, in the red zone, and you have him on the sidelines? 

That first drive ended with Devonta Freeman getting stuffed on 4th & Goal. 

The Eagles weren't able to score on the following drive, but still, Atlanta had a chance to start the season with a bang. 

On the following drive, the Falcons once again got deep into the red zone, but had to settle for a Matt Bryant field goal. What happened on this drive? Once again, ​Sark was as vanilla as can be. Ryan was clearly frustrated by not putting the ball in the end zone, too. 

Figure it out man. Otherwise, some tough decisions (him getting canned) will be needed in Atlanta early on this season.