Although his time with the Boston Celtics ended on a sour note, Ray Allen clearly has a lot of love for his time with them.

The man has been through nearly all walks of life in the NBA, but his tenure in Boston is most important to him.

​​After Allen left the Celtics in 2012 to join their rivals -- the Miami Heat -- Allen's legacy with Boston was called into question. Despite being a core member of the fabled "Big Three" alongside Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, as well as winning a championship with the Celtics in 2008, ​NBA fans quickly soured on Allen. 

Well, you can't say it was much of a surprise. He did leave them to join the Heat, after all. This move by Allen also caused a lot of strife within that 2008 championship team:

While Allen would later go on to win another championship -- this time with the Heat in 2013 -- he stated that his time with the Celtics meant more to him overall. 

After all this time, one can only hope the 2008 Celtics team will make amends and cherish the championship they won together. While that championship is the most recent for the Celtics, their young group looks to ​remedy that