​The Colin Kaepernick and Nike partnership has caused quite the rift between the American people, and despite the serious conversations going on between both sides of the debate, the meme community has once again made sure to take a serious issue and turn it into pure comedy gold. 

Here, we'll take a look at the 11 funniest memes created thus far from the new Kaepernick/Nike advertisement.

​​How are you guys going to do Mourinho like this, especially since he just barely escaped jail time in Spain for tax evasion? He may have been able to avoid paying millions in taxes, but there's no way he's escaping the memes. Now he's gotta deal with the memes and potentially selling one of the best players on the planet (Paul Pogba). Yikes.

​​Has a meme better expressed ​Carmelo Anthony as this one did? We all know Carmelo likes to scream this NSFW phrase when going for rebounds, but who knew he used it as motivation for Nike ads as well? 

Did anyone else read this in Mike Tyson's voice? I know I did. 

Oh my goodness, 50 Cent from the top rope! These two have had a pretty epic beef going for a while now, but I don't think Money Mayweather is going to be able to top this jab. 

Yes, believe in whatever you want, even if it does mean you have to kill off half of the universe. It's your dreams, why spoil it and let others get in the way?

I always knew Ed Orgeron was the perfect spokesperson for Nike, even if you can't understand what he's saying. He might be the only guy who can get a whole team fired up without speaking one word of actual English!

Poor Pete Carroll, the guy will never escape the play that cost them the Super Bowl against the Patriots. Remember, no matter what the situation, run the ball. Run the damn ball. 

Nick Saban may have apologized to ESPN's Maria Taylor for ​going off on her during his interview after Alabama's win, but nobody from the meme community is going to apologize for this one. This one is just absolutely hilarious. 

This one definitely killed any happiness Falcons fans may have had coming into the season, but like Pete Carroll, they'll never live down their ultimate choke job. People come and go and they'll eventually forget the Super Bowl loss, but memes are here to stay forever as a reminder of what not to do up 28-3.

The sad (yet funny) truth behind this meme is that it's easily the most believable one. I mean come on, Cutler made over $96 million during his 12-year career and didn't give one damn in the process. If we could all live the Jay Cutler lifestyle, we'd all be set for life while doing absolutely nothing to deserve it.

Yes, kids, believe in whatever you want, even if it means giving up your team's best player and pissing everybody off in the process. Sign a fat deal, make everybody hate you, and bring in a mediocre quarterback to make everybody feel better. Like Jay Cutler said, who cares?

Ouch. Just when Browns fans were finally starting to forget losing every game (literally) last season, we had to come back and shove it right back in their face. That's the best part about memes though, they're ruthless and make sure that everybody suffers!

With the Kaepernick-Nike duo just in the beginning stages, there's no doubt that more memes will continue to come from the saga. If they're anything like these, we're in for a great ride of hilarious memes. You better watch out because neither you nor your team is safe from the savage members of the meme community.