When Carmelo Anthony signed with the Houston Rockets, we all pictured what he'd look like on the fourth team for whom he'll actually play (sorry, Hawks!). Thoughts danced in our heads of Melo wearing that red jersey, jacking up threes early in the shot clock while his two All-Star teammates sit by. Dreaming is necessary no longer, as we have our first look of a certain future Hall of Famer practicing in a Rockets shirt.

​​New-look Melo looks exactly the same!

We all know what this man is capable of in practice. He doesn't need to be wearing a hoodie to have a nice-looking jumper with minimal defense. It's sessions like these that make the man think he's going to start for Houston. 

He's going to have to do more than show he has an affliction for chucking up contested jumpers to earn a spot. It's going to be Houston that's going to have to make some changes, as he needs to find a spot defensively when he's on the court. 

Or maybe Houston will just throw Melo into the lineup as he currently is. What this team needs is another player who will milk the clock without really moving further than a few footsteps and then make a move before the buzzer sounds, right?