​Colin Kaepernick has been the story in the NFL and around the country once again lately as he and Nike dropped a new advertising campaign for Nike's 30th anniversary of "Just Do It."

Today, after all of the scrutiny Kaepernick, the NFL and companies like ​Nike have faced, the NFL released a statement on social justice that seemed to give praise to people like Kaepernick and that the issues that they have raised deserve the leagues attention and action.

​​Kaepernick and the league haven't been on the best of terms lately, considering ​Kaepernick has taken them to court after suing them for collusion. 

The NFL desperately wanted the case to be dropped, citing lack of evidence, but Kaepernick received a major win just a few days ago after the arbitrator ruled in favor of Kap. The case will get a full hearing after Kap's lawyers unearthed enough information to show that they have a case.

Kaepernick got another huge win today with this statement from the NFL. Despite the lawsuit, they acknowledged what he has done, the issues he has raised, and the fact that they don't deserve to be overlooked. 

It's hard to deny Kaepernick's profound impact on the league despite not playing at all last season, and today's statement shows that he's still making just as much of an impact as he did the first time he took a knee. 

This may not have been the statement everybody was expecting from the NFL, but it was definitely a controversial one that will once again have two sides fighting one another. 

Kap may not be an NFL quarterback anymore, but his personal war against the league has all but just begun.