Nike recently reached the 30th anniversary of their ​'Just Do It' campaign. The new campaign features former NFL quarterback  Colin Kaepernick -- the latest athlete to protest racial injustice and police brutality. The protest ignited many other athletes to do the same and is now a controversial subject in sports.

With the Nike company featuring Kap, some customers of the famous brand have had reactions that seem pretty idiotic. There are many different perspectives on the topic, but to burn and destroy expensive shoes and socks is painful to watch.

Especially when you're wearing them at the same time...

This Nike boycott has gone across the country and is drastically trending. You might be familiar with the social media spreading since many fans would do this to their favorite player's jersey when they leave their team. 

Instead, they are burning and ripping up all of their Nike apparel to protest Kaepernick and Nike's collaboration. In case you have yet to see the Nike campaign, this is what has stirred up conversations in the last few days:

Kaepernick's name alone is enough to stoke controversy, but this is just utter stupidity.