After Nike's reveal that Colin Kaepernick will be the 30th face of their "Just Do It" campaign, countless celebrities expressed their excitement on social media. It's no surprise that the King was one of those athletes to praise Kaepernick. 

LeBron James chose to use his Instagram account as his platform to convey his respect for Kaepernick and everything that he stands for. He reposted the dramatic black and white headshot of Kaepernick with one of his iconic quotes across his face. 

Other athletes that have outwardly backed Kaepernick's views include Serena Williams, Odell Beckham Jr., and Shaquem Griffin, to name a few. Along with LeBron, the NBA as a whole expressed its support for Kaepernick's agenda when the initial backlash was beginning.

Hopefully, if people begin to see that their favorite athletes, such as LeBron, are supportive of Kaepernick and his beliefs, maybe they will try to be more understanding and accepting.

It's no secret that Nike's choice to use Kaepernick as the face of their campaign will be somewhat controversial. However, you have to respect that the company is willing to take a risk and promote an agenda that they believe in even if it does impact their sales.

This deal will be putting an abundant amount of pressure on the NFL and the White House in the coming months. Kaepernick's story and impact are far from over.