​Ah, the good ole' faked cramp. It's an art, and only the most experienced can pull it off. For ​Virginia Tech defensive lineman Xavier Burke, he clearly has a lot to learn. 

​​Faking an injury can be essential to stopping an offense's momentum. 

Is it ethical? Hell no. But, it works sometimes. Who knows if this goes as far up as Justin Fuente, but the Hokies were very clearly winded towards the end of the first half against Florida State, and were not about to give up the momentum they'd earned.

The key to faking a good injury is to try to initiate as much contact as you can, which Burke seemingly was unable to do. Instead, he just fell limp onto the turf, leading most of us (primarily FSU fans) to point out exactly how sketchy this seemingly was at the time.

​​You'll get em' next time Burke, just keep practicing.