​Not the best debut for ​Willie Taggart thus far, to say the least.

In the first half against Virginia Tech in Tallahassee with the Noles down ten points, Taggart and co. had the chance to bring FSU within three points. After Nyqwan Murray was originally ruled down at the one yard-line, it was clear via video review that a touchdown should've been awarded.

Instead of challenging the play, ​Taggart rushed Francois up to the line in the no huddle and snapped the ball, trying to score in spite of a bad call. It backfired.

The Noles quickly lost yards due to penalty and were unable to recover, instead settling for a field goal. While it's only one drive and certainly too tough to judge Taggart's success at Florida State, it's bound to make fans a little uneasy given the current state of things.

If the Noles don't make a comeback, Taggart is sure to hear about his decision-making and more at the postgame press conference.