​Former ​​San Francisco 49ers quarterback and known activist ​Colin Kaepernick is currently being sponsored by Nike, even though he has still yet to find an NFL roster. 

This might be working in his best favor, as Kaepernick's contract is paying him similar money to "top end" NFL players' endorsement deals.  

​​This endorsement deal is intriguing within itself since Kaepernick has become much more well-known for his activism against police brutality, which he demonstrated by kneeling during the National Anthem during several NFL games. 

He hasn't played in an NFL game since 2016, yet with this new endorsement Kap will still be getting a good paycheck without any of the bumps and bruises.

It's clear that this move is a risky business move by Nike since Kaepernick has collected his fair share of haters after his kneeling. Yet, he is still a popular figure in the sports community due to the message he continues to send to people. 

If Nike's move pays off or not, Kaepernick will be bringing in a good amount of dough without strapping those pads on.