​We usually don't try and take obvious sides on the political spectrum, but come on man. ​After Nike announced a partnership with controversial athlete turned activist Colin Kaepernick (likely forced, we should add), some fans have voiced their displeasure on social media. Honest discourse we can respect. Then, there's this idiot.

What the hell are you doing? Why would your burn...what look to be newly-purchased shoes? Just don't buy Nike if you feel this strongly. ​Unless, of course, you're protesting capitalism? Yeah, likely not.

Nike knows they can make money off Kaepernick, and this is clearly a financial ploy on their part. For Colin, it's a chance to gain an income and give more back to the community. It's a win-win, and the outrage of those against the partnership isn't going to make a dent in any wallets. This is a waste of time, and frankly not good for the environment.

I'm not one to try and silence any views. That's your right as an American. But please, do not burn your shoes, donate them if you truly must rid yourself of their symbolism.