​The Pittsburgh Steelers have reached their limit with Le'Veon Bell. The star running back has still not reported to the Steelers facility to practice and sign his franchise tender despite reports suggesting he would do so on Monday. 

General manager Kevin Colbert had some choice words to say about Bell's absence. 

This is pretty much as bad as it gets. 

What NFL general manager would want to voice his displeasure with a player to the media? When a quote like that is said, it automatically becomes headline news and shows that there's an obvious rift between the player and front office. 

This shows that Bell's contract tactics have created a distraction for the team as they begin their preparation for the Cleveland Browns this Sunday. 

Some players don't have to show up to any of training camp, yet they're still capable of playing Week 1 with no restraints. This situation is CLEARLY different. 

Guys like Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack have missed training camp, but they are practicing and in meeting rooms with their team this week after receiving their extensions. Bell KNEW he wasn't getting an extension, so to still be acting like this is absurd.

Colbert wants Bell to hear this message loud and clear to show that he is out of patience for his lack of motivation to play for Pittsburgh.