For those Oakland Raiders fans clearly upset with the Khalil Mack trade, just know he didn't want to leave either. 

The former Defensive Player of the Year wanted his payday and got it. Unfortunately, it was not with the Raiders organization. He may not be happy with Jon Gruden and company, but that doesn't mean he has a single bad thing to say about the fanbase that supported him over the years.

Mack posted a thoughtful tweet thanking Raider nation for just that.

Mack was a monster for Oakland. In his four seasons with the Raiders, he finished with 40.5 sacks, earned three Pro Bowl invites, two All-Pro selections, and one Defensive Player of the Year award. His time in Oakland is officially done, but the memories with this franchise should last forever with these fans. 

Of course, Gruden may not remember those fond moments. 

It's insane to see a player of his caliber moved, but such is life under the new regime in Oakland.