​Come on, Tom. The man just passed away. This is no time for playful ribbing.

Something tells me Tom Brady's one of those ​Instagram users who doesn't read the caption and just tosses up a ​funky comment during a morning bathroom break.

Because if he had read the caption on Randy Moss' latest throwback post, then I don't think he would've reacted in quite the same way.

​​Let's zoom in on that TB12 comment real quick?

​​So perfectly Brady.

I mean, sure, Moss does look better in a Pats uni in many respects. But I doubt he had many pics in the old archive where he was wearing a Patriots uniform and hanging out with the legendary and now-dead Vikings trainer in question. So a throwback just made sense, Tommy.

Plenty of touching tributes floated around the internet Sunday, but oddly none as affecting as Tom Brady choosing to entirely ignore the context while belittling the better part of Randy Moss' career. Ahh, memories.