​Jon, do you want us to think you have control over the program or not?

Because, just ​24 hours after everyone involved in the Khalil Mack trade got blasted for the insane ripoff that ensued, you just went out of your way to distance yourself from the move's clearest error.

If you ​believe Chucky, he wasn't consulted on adding the second-round pick giveaway.

​​Sure, sure.

No matter what the truth is, this is a problem in either direction. Fine, Gruden wasn't consulted over involved. Where's the managerial consistency there?

And if he's lying, of course, that takes the first step in cracking the door open a smidge and revealing a portion of the Raiders' newfound clown show to the public.

Maybe he can convince the Bears that, since he wasn't involved, the pick should head on back to Vegas? After all, the buck stops with Gruden, right?