There's showboating, there's taunting, and then there's this. ​

​​Talk about disrespecting your opponent. ​Maryland wide receiver Jeshuan Jones knew he had the defense beat, and stared them down the last 15 yards all the way to the end zone. 

However, this was not the end for Jones, or even the beginning. In fact, earlier that quarter Jones got the ball as a rusher, and took it 28 yards to the house for Maryland's first score of the game. Then, almost halfway into the second quarter Jones passed -- yes passed -- for a touchdown, hitting fellow receiver Taivon Jacobs from 20 yards out.

This story gets even better, as Jones is a true freshman, so he's doing all of this in his debut.

Jones is showing some serious swag in his first ​college game. He just better hope that they win, or else that cheeky touchdown trot is not going to look very good.

Either way, Jones has set himself up to have a promising future in ​College Park.