A touching scene occurred on the field during the first seconds of the game between Maryland and Texas on Saturday. Honoring the late Jordan McNair, who died of a heatstroke following a practice a few months ago, Maryland lined up with the right guard spot missing; the position that McNair played for the Terrapins. Texas declined the intentional delay of game penalty that came for Maryland, completing the sweet little nod to their fallen peer.

This is a great show of respect and sportsmanship from both Maryland and Texas and truly a heartbreaking moment for those who knew and loved the 19-year-old who passed. 

McNair's death in mid-June made headlines and brought attention to overworking young athletes. Obviously, schools are meant to be safe environments for the kids attending, but some coaches and sports programs have forgotten that.

Not even through two quarters yet, Maryland leads Texas by a whopping 24-7 score, surely an effort that would've made McNair proud.