If the Cleveland Indians have learned anything this year, it has been to trust Jose Ramirez. Trusting ​Ramirez means trusting his bloodline, and trusting his bloodline means trusting his younger brother... or at least that is the logic I'm going to use.

The Indians have signed Ramirez's younger brother, José Báez Ramírez.

The younger Ramirez will be training out of the Indians academy in the Dominican Republic, and while they don't know whether he has the same star potential as his older brother, they can definitely dream.

Everyone wants to see LeBron James and Bronny Jr. play together in the NBA, but Jose Ramirez and Jose Baez would be even cooler, right? Well probably not, but it would still be exciting if the Ramirez brothers secured the left side of the ​Indians' infield at the same time.