Another year left wondering, "Why watch my bottom-tier team without top prospects?"

The MLB season is nearing its logical conclusion, and most teams are starting to make moves to prepare to end the season, for the playoffs, or for the next season altogether. The White Sox are one of those teams continuing to focus on the future.

As this conclusion approaches, their top prospect Eloy Jimenez has been absolutely killing it at Triple-A Charlotte. He clearly looks ready for the MLB, slashing .365/.406/.604 with 11 homers. However, the ​White Sox are electing not to promote him despite the expanding rosters on the first of September. 

They won't be the first team to employ the strategy and they won't be the last either. What is this "strategy" the White Sox are using?

By not calling Jimenez up this season, they're manipulating his service time so that his free agency is pushed back. It's a popular strategy used on top prospects that help clubs save some money. Can prospects do anything to fight back? Not much, if anything.

In the long term, it could of course alienate Jimenez from the team, and what use is saving some money when a superstar demands a trade? You're playing with fire here, White Sox.