The Myrtle Beach Pelicans are a minor league affiliate of the Chicago Cubs with some awesome traditions. The best one is by far Deuce, a dog who has run the bases after each Pelicans win for the past 10 seasons.

Baseball and animal fans alike will be upset to hear that Deuce will no longer be running the bases for the club postgame or greeting those in the clubhouse, but it's thanks to his well-earned retirement.

Deuce has worked his tail off for the past ten years, and while everyone will surely miss him at the stadium, Deuce has definitely ​earned himself a happy retirement.

The Pelicans made sure that Deuce had a proper goodbye, giving him a paw-riffic send-off that rivaled David Ortiz's farewell tour. 

Regardless of whether you are a dog or cat person, you are not human if this story doesn't make you feel at least a little emotional. Deuce is the ultimate good boy, always ready and excited to get in on the action. We wish him all the best and every doggy treat imaginable in his future endeavors.