​Chicago White Sox rookie starter ​Michael Kopech is the best young pitcher that's come through the organization in quite some time, and just like every young gun, it's good to have a mentor in the clubhouse.

Just like David Price had with the Tampa Bay Rays back in 2008, Kopech has veteran hurler ​James Shields right by his side helping him along the way.

"He has always wanted to get better, always wanted to learn and try to be the best," said Shields of Price. "They are very similar. They are both competitive baseball players. It’s really fun to watch."

While Price and Kopech are two different pitchers, Shields lauded both of them for their competitiveness on the mound and how hard they word to work on their craft.

"It’s tough to compare the two because they are two completely different pitchers. But their competitiveness and how hard each one of them work is very impressive," Shields said. "They are very similar in that respect. Kopech works his butt off every single day and tries to get better at his craft. He’s very mature for his age. He’s really trying to become a pitcher instead of a hard thrower."

Shields is an accomplished pitcher in his own right, but he might be known more for what he did at several stops to help the young pitchers. You look at what he did for the Rays and then the Kansas City Royals and now what he's doing with the young guys for Chicago, Shields might find himself being a big league coach at some point.