Colin Kaepernick and his lawyer wont go down without a fight.

​The collusion case Kaepernick and his lawyer have battled against the NFL with for some time is starting to pick up steam. The case is now set to go to trial after the arbitrator denied the NFL's request to dismiss it.

Kaepernick stands by his belief that the league owners have ​colluded to dismiss any chance of him having a job after he began kneeling during the national anthem. By doing so, Kaepernick's intention was to bring awareness to social injustice. 

Now that this case will proceed to trial, the ​NFL is ​beginning to sweat. If this case is ruled in the favor of Kaepernick, this will be a very bad look for the NFL. 

As the case is ongoing, Kaepernick has continued his efforts to raise awareness of social injustice. You may not agree with his method of raising awareness, but you can't deny the fact that he is accomplishing his goal. 

There's no set date for the trial just yet, but once it begins everyone will be tuned in.