Bluefield State College, located in West Virginia, suffered a terrible tragedy with one of their students on Monday night. Timeyin Amatosero-Keke, a basketball player for the Division II program, suddenly collapsed after a pickup game Monday and was immediately rushed to the hospital. He died later that night.

The official cause of death has still not been clarified. 

​​Amatosero-Keke was only 24-years-old and was looking forward to a successful playing career, as he was only entering his second season. He was born in a Lagos, Nigeria and fulfilled his dream of coming to the United States to play ​college basketball

In his personal statement on his ​recruiting profile, Amatosero-Keke said, "...I'm asking you to take a chance with me, coming from Nigeria the difficulty is out the roof but the respect, learning enthusiasm and work ethic I promise to bring would surprise you."

That attitude helped him land at Bluefield State College, where he majored in civil engineering and technology. 

This story is sad for anyone to hear, especially since Amatosero-Keke was motivated to accomplish his dreams. Even if basketball had not panned out, he could have had a bright future in his respective industry.

Bluefield State College president Marsha Krotseng told media that there was a vigil for the student on Tuesday night. Counseling will also be available for students, staff and faculty.