​​New York Mets third baseman David Wright may finally be approaching a return to semi-normalcy.

​The 35-year-old Mets legend is in dire straits at the tail end of his 13-year MLB career. After missing almost two years now with severe back, neck, and shoulder issues, it seems as though ​Wright may finally be making his way back onto a major league field as the Mets close out their season.

​​Wright was designated for a rehab assignment not too long ago, and then was moved up to Triple-A Las Vegas. That was tremendous news for Mets fans, who just want to see Wright able to take the field again, and this latest news indicates that he may be getting even closer. Though he won't leave the DL, he'll be rehabbing with the big club instead during their extended road trip.

​​After all, if Wright is actually traveling with the team for the Giants series, they have to be hopeful that he is almost able to come off the DL.

There's not much left for ​Mets fans to get excited about this season, with the team sitting at 59-74 and in fourth place in the NL East, but seeing Wright back on the field would be a huge cause for celebration.