We've been blessed in recent years with a series of sports personalities who just shout nonsense into the distance for views, ratings, or for love of the game. Many of them reside at Fox Sports, but few are better at spewing incoherent thoughts than Colin Cowherd. 

We're well aware that Cowherd has some "hot takes" that he thinks are gospel at this point. Whether he's claiming the Patriots are done or that Jim Harbaugh is more accomplished than Nick Saban, nothing he says can be considered credible at this point.

For those who somehow disagree, just look at his wavering takes on Aaron Rodgers and still try to defend this man. 

​​How does anyone do anything but laugh at this man? This is almost as bad as when Skip Bayless debated Skip Bayless about the Packers' QB.

Aaron Rodgers has done a lot of things to earn that massive contract of his, but Cowherd doesn't seem to agree. Or does he? Following his train of thought seems more impossible than breaking the 1972 Dolphins' undefeated record. 

Maybe, just maybe, Cowherd is smarter than all of us and is just covering every single base imaginable so that he can never be wrong. 

​​Just imagine it. Someone will call in, debate him on Rodgers, and no matter which side they come down on, he can say, "Well, I already said this before!" and he'd be absolutely correct. 

Either way, it's insane and completely hilarious at the same time.