The San Francisco Giants haven't helped themselves out with repeated inconsistent play this season, but it certainly hasn't helped that they've been decimated by injuries.

Right now, it looks like Jeff Samardzija, Johnny Cueto, and Buster Posey are all out for the year with various maladies. They're running out of room on the shelf but will have to make space for yet another talented player. 

Outfielder and possible center fielder of the future Steven Duggar is on the disabled list, and will likely miss the rest of the season as San Francisco debates surgery on his injured shoulder. 

​​Is there any way they can just fast forward the season to make sure no other stars get hurt? At this point, 2019 is all they care about. 

Duggar may not be the same caliber player as those injured stars listed above, but the Giants hope he can be an emergent star one day. The 24-year old outfielder was the organization's third-ranked prospect heading into this season. He started to get more opportunities when the team traded Austin Jackson, freeing up time in center for him in an effort to map out his future career path. 

​​Unfortunately, Duggar tore up his non-throwing shoulder on a dive back to the bag Wednesday, dislocating it in the process as well.

The worst-case scenario has manifested here, with doctors recommending surgery that could take him out of action past Opening Day next season. It's not something this team wants lingering, as this bright prospect needs to be 100 percent for next season's turnaround. 

Cross your fingers, SF. This campaign is already over.