​The Seattle Seahawks -- at one point the most dominating team in the league -- find themselves in what appears to be a surprising end to what would have been a historic legacy. ​Russell Wilson has been the glue that has held this team together, but it might not be strong enough.

After going to back-to-back Super Bowls in 2013 and 2014, winning one of them against the ​Denver Broncos and losing the other to the ​New England Patriots, they now face a daunting season ahead in a division which features contenders such as LA and San Francisco.

Let's face the facts. The Seahawks have declined since their Super Bowl loss against the Patriots, with last season being their worst record (9-7) since 2011 when they finished 7-9. Where should the fingers point to? Is Wilson the sole reason they are not yet considered a candidate for a top draft pick? 

In 2017, Russell Wilson led the team in passing yards (obviously), rushing yards, and total touchdowns. The reason for his constant running is because he needs an offensive line to actually have time to throw the ball. They had one of -- if not the worst -- offensive lines in the NFL this past season, but decided to draft a running back with their first selection in the 2018 draft—giving them five currently on the depth chart.

Another major reason to their below-par projections is that they lost majority of their "Legion of Boom" this offseason. Safety Kam Chancellor retired, Richard Sherman was traded to San Francisco and Earl Thomas does not want to be in Seattle. 

They also lost three-time pro bowler defensive end Michael Bennett to the Philadelphia Eagles and Jimmy Graham to the Packers. Add in the continuous slur of injuries to both sides of the ball and spectators start to realize why the Seahawks will be as bad as projected. 

The Hawks are scheduled to play some offensive-driven teams this season as well. The Rams, Chargers, Packers, Panthers, Vikings and Chiefs are the highlighted teams that will most likely remind fans how much they have lost this offseason.

For the first time in awhile, the future is not bright for Seattle.