​With ​the Wolverines and the Fighting Irish ready for an absolute classic this Saturday, Notre Dame fans are reigniting their storied rivalry in hilarious fashion. 

Forget about making signs that throw shade or creating absurd chants, ​Notre Dame is taking their trash talking over to Craigslist. That's right, one fan decided to post an outdoor dollhouse for rental. Here's the catch: it's made for Michigan fans visiting South Bend. 

The description is truly epic, as the post said, "This cozy shack has no water, no lights, and no space to stand up in. The spiders and overly-aggressive chipmunks essentially run the show." 

Perhaps the dollhouse is actually the home of Notre Dame's leprechaun because the small measurements won't fit actual people. Regardless, it's clear that this weekend can't come soon enough for diehard supporters. 

Every fan base in the world needs to take notes. If rivals are looking for another form of trolling to add to their repertoire, then roasting their opponent with postings on Craigslist might be the move.