There's a lot of speculation swirling around Kyrie Irving's impending free agency. Will he leave Boston after this year? If so, who will he sign with?

If you follow Kyrie, you've definitely heard the Knicks come up a bunch of times in the discussion. Well, Celtics fans, rejoice because famed NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski said on his podcast that he doesn't see Kyrie walking away from the Celtics.

Woj thinks that once Kyrie faces free agency and has to make a decision, he'll ultimately look around and see that he has things pretty good in Boston. On top of that, the C's can offer him the most money of any team.

Kyrie has an incredible team in Boston that plays team basketball and moves the ball with ease. With ​Gordon Hayward back, the Celtics are going to be deadly this season, especially with the rise of Tatum, Brown, and Rozier. If you're Kyrie, you can't leave the Celtics because it can only get better from here.

Unless he wants to go be the lone star elsewhere, which was his issue in Cleveland, there's really no reason for him to want to leave this tremendous situation.

The Celtics' young guys can only get better, and both Kyrie and Hayward are just in their prime. This is a team poised to be a dynasty. There's no way Kyrie is leaving all of that for the Knicks.