ANAHEIM, CA - AUGUST 28:  Shohei Ohtani #17 of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim runs to first base after a dropped strike three as Chris Iannetta #22 of the Colorado Rockies chases the ball during the ninth inning of a game at Angel Stadium on August 28, 2018 in Anaheim, California.  (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

6 Throwbacks MLB Teams Should Wear All the Time

All 30 MLB teams have a handful of jerseys they rotate throughout the season, including throwbacks that take fans back in time. It's a good thing that some of them never come back in rotation, but some should come back on a more permanent basis. Here are six throwback jerseys MLB teams should wear all the time.

6. Arizona Diamondbacks

The Arizona Diamondbacks have recently changed their jerseys to more a of a red color, but they need to go back to the purple and teal. No, we don't need the ones that have the purple undershirt with the sleeveless pinstripe jersey. Instead, the solid purple with the teal logo is where its at.

5. San Diego Padres

The 1998 season for the San Diego Padres was the last time they represented the National League in the World Series, and only the second appearance in franchise history. If they want to get back to being a legit contender, go back to the '98 uniforms that had the clean pinstripe look.

4. Seattle Mariners

Back in early August, the Mariners pulled out the uniforms they used to wear from 1987-1992, the same time frame when Ken Griffey Jr. was called up. The one difference is the Mariner logo has been added, which is nice touch. They are so clean and sleek that they should be their official home uniforms from now on.

3. Oakland Athletics

The Oakland A's are celebrating their 50th anniversary playing in Oakland this season, so they are bringing back some of the old uniforms from back in the day. One of them are the Kelly Green jerseys, which should be here to stay. I dig their yellow unis with the Old English "A"  on the chest, but the Kelly Green look is fire.

2. Milwaukee Brewers

Not only are the 1982 Milwaukee Brewers home jerseys the best they have, as it's a nice clean pinstripe look, but the logo with the "M" and "B" that combine together to look like a baseball glove is by far the best in the game. Anytime you can wear that bad boy it's a good choice.

1. Los Angeles Angels

Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Angels were wearing their vintage uniforms from 1979 that had their nickname written across their chest and the halo around the top of the "A." These jerseys have a patch of the state of California on the left sleeve, which is definitely a nice touch. They are so clean that these uniforms should once again be their everyday home jerseys.