Every Gordon Hayward workout video that has surfaced this offseason has been a big tease to Celtics fans. Now, the teaser videos are a thing of the past. And it's not just Hayward either.

C's general manager Danny Ainge shared the greatest possible news about his two recovering stars, Hayward and Kyrie Irving.

It's the moment every ​C's fan has been waiting for. Last year's team was chomped on by the injury bug, but none of the walking wounded were as valuable to the team's title hopes as Irving and Hayward.

The better news is that there seems to be no lingering physical damage from Hayward's horrific opening night injury. The fact that he would be able to go full speed is a good sign. What remains to be seen is if the injury affects how Hayward plays the game. Hayward's injury was very similar to Paul George's and we saw him become more of a jump shooter and less of a slasher after his recovery. 

As for Kyrie, the team can only hope his knee issues don't persist, as they've been a problem for a quite some time.

Of course, the Celtics and their fans will just be happy to see him on the court, and for good reason. The team has one of the ​deepest rosters in the NBA and could challenge Golden State. 

For now, C's fans will savor the sweetest news. Their stars are healthy.