​Now that Odell Beckham Jr. is the highest-paid wideout in the NFL, the Twitter universe has spiraled out of control. 

From players throwing shade, to fans making epic memes, today has been one hectic day for the league. Out of all the hilarious tweets that were posted, there were 12 that stood above the rest of the pack. 

Shockingly enough, the funniest post of the day went to ​Cardale Jones, who made his best effort to secure the bag from OBJ with this hilarious tweet: 

Can you really blame Jones for taking a chance? 

While the Chargers quarterback earned respect for his social media activity, Jason La Canfora was put on blast for his awful prediction earlier in the year. 

​​Even though La Canfora might seem foolish for his outlandish take, the real joke is that mediocre NBA players make more money than top players in the NFL. 

​​Seriously, even Hassan Whiteside is making more money than OBJ, which is borderline insane.  

​​The real question that remains is whether or not Beckham Jr. will change the market for wide receivers. More importantly, how do players like Julio Jones feel about this lucrative extension? 

Similar to the Giants' roster, players everywhere are celebrating this huge extension. Yet, none will party harder than Beckham, who is about to make it rain in the locker room. 

​​With the Giants keeping their best player in town, it's now time to question all the people that were convinced he was heading to Los Angeles. Perhaps the Rams should focus on retaining their own superstar. 

​​Most players showed their appreciation for New York's biggest star, but​ Jalen Ramsey felt the need to throw shade. It's safe to say that Week 1 will provide an extremely dramatic showdown. 

​​With OBJ's bank account getting much bigger, the talented wideout is about to watch his phone get swamped with calls. After all, money talks. 

​​Is there any possible chance Beckham Jr. and the Giants can put together a music video for this historic news? Honestly, who doesn't want to see Eli Manning spitting some bars? 

​​If Manning isn't cool enough to resonate with the younger generation, then maybe Sterling Shepard can jump in on the fun. We already witnessed his awesome dance moves on Instagram. 

​​While Beckham Jr. earns all the praise today, Dez Bryant is out here wondering how he can earn a fraction of that contract. 

Regardless of the team you root for, there's no denying thatBeckham Jr. has officially put the football world into a state of chaos.